Player Of The Month Program

In many soccer programs, success is measured through the traditional units of wins, goals, saves and assists. At SG1 Soccer Club we think differently and while we recognize the importance of on-field progress and competition, we also believe that the consistent pursuit of Character, Values and Life Skills provides the ultimate value to any soccer family. Ironically, it is these very skills and traits that actually aid in the development of players and teams on the soccer field also. The players and teams who can work together, communicate the best, support one another during tests of adversity and share in success with humility and a hunger for continued learning are those who thrive…it is these behaviors that provide a long range platform for success in later life. 

We are excited to share the SG1 criteria by which an Audi Player of the Month will be selected, and encourage everyone to play a role in sharing with our players what it takes to be selected for this award, a program brought to us exclusively by our partner Xara Soccer. 

An SG1 Audi Player of the Month will demonstrate RESPECT, SPORTSMANSHIP, COMMITMENT and LEADERSHIP. Pass it on and pass it forward! Please join us in creating a family atmosphere and culture that separates SG1 Soccer Club from all the others and makes us all proud to be SG1 Strong.